Developed and launched in Denmark in 2022 with support from the EU Rural Development Program. 

The European Agricultural Fund for Rual Development Investing in Rural Areas

Master of Nutrition

A Learning Game About Horse Care and Proper Feeding

A brand new board game for all horse enthusiasts, where you can increase your knowledge about feeding horses and ponies in a fun and challenging way. Play it with your friends, family, or at your school. Through the game, you can learn about equine nutrition, feeding, and health, as well as the production of feed ingredients, and practice making the right decisions for you and your horse. If you play smart, you can earn money—but be careful, as choosing incorrectly can cost you in vet bills.

The game is developed and produced in Denmark with a focus on social responsibility.

All game elements are biodegradable: cardboard, paper, wood, and jute (burlap)—no plastic!

Currently, the game language is Danish, but we are working on an English (and German) version.

It can be played by anyone aged 8 to 98—experienced and beginners alike in teams of horse enthusiasts. It’s highly beneficial to play with a diverse group and in teams of 2-3 participants. You can also join in even if you’re not a horse expert. If you know something about horses and have a good dose of common sense, you’ll do well in Master of Nutrition!

You can purchase your game in the webshop.

Follow the production of the game

From the earliest notes to the production of prototypes and applying for funding (Danish).

Meet Partner Masters

A great many wonderful people have helped in the development of Master of Nutrition (Danish).

Why play Master of Nutrition?

Master of Nutrition is a learning game where you and others play to gain more knowledge and make good decisions, helping you better understand how to feed your horse for a healthy life in both sport and leisure for many years.

It is my hope that this game will contribute to better feeding practices for horses at all riding establishments in the whole World.

When you provide your horse with the right feed, you strengthen its health, reducing the risk of injuries and illnesses. The game enhances your knowledge through question cards that you must answer to complete the game’s tasks. It also trains you to make good decisions regarding common dilemmas often encountered in the stable.

You will gain insight into the importance of accurately assessing your horse’s needs and feed, as well as understanding the connection between feed production in the field (and thus the feed you purchase) and your horse’s well-being in the stable and performance in riding arenas and terrains.

Additionally, when you play together with members of your club or at your horse boarding facility, you will discover how you can work together on good feeding routines and excellent cooperation around your horses.

How can we play Master of Nutrition?

You can play Master of Nutrition as a board game at home with family and friends, at the riding club, at school, or wherever you like. It’s a great idea for both children and adults to play together.

Master of Nutrition is a strategy game where you compete to complete three missions:

  • Collect feed as listed on the horse’s stable board
  • Win rosettes by training correctly
  • Solve difficult dilemmas and help the horse with complex problems

You can choose to complete all three missions or select some based on your interests.

For example, as shown in this picture from the open house at Ll. Haspeholm, we are playing a quick round where we just need to collect morning feed for the horses and win three rosettes in the riding arena.

If you are a teacher at a school with an equine program, the game can be a powerful educational tool in your teaching.

Structure of the game

When you play Master of Nutrition, you start with the Base Game. It covers fundamental knowledge and skills in feeding your horse, allowing you to handle practical feeding tasks with guidance from a feed consultant for creating the feed plan. You gain insights into the best feeding routines and learn to assess whether the forage is suitable and appropriate for your horse.

There are multiple levels and degrees of difficulty, from the simplest, where children can also participate, to more challenging questions and dilemmas.
The game board consists of hexagonal tiles that can be added based on interest. The Base Game includes the first four tiles: The Horse Stable, The Feed Barn, The Riding Arena, and The Horse Hospital.

The remaining game tiles are included in expansion packs with increased difficulty and for special interests, such as:

Feeding race horses (incl. tile: racecourse)

Production of roughage (incl. tile: grass field)

Horses on grasslands (inkl. tile: grass field)

Production and selling concentrate (incl. tile: the mill)

And much more...

Meet the Game Designer

Equine Agronomist Martha Herold Voss

I have worked on this game for four years. And I’m continuing!

Not just to get this first set, the Base Game, out to you. I’m already hard at work devising game expansions, such as a next level for nutritionists and students ind the horse industry. You are very welcome to come up with a great idea for a game expansion – maybe one day we’ll be playing YOUR game 😊

The best board game for (about) horses

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